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Can You Ship a Machine To Me?

You are Free to Use a Shipping Company of your Choice. As a Service to our Customers, I can provide you with Quotes obtained from Shipping Brokers to aid you in your decision. Since I’m not in the shipping business, I will put you in direct contact with the Broker who can answer all of your shipping related questions. I can help make arrangements to have machines shipped to the following States:

Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia

I can not help arrange shipping to any state not listed above unless you are registered with the Department of Justice Concerning Gaming Devices.

How is the Machine Prepared for Shipping?

The light at the top of the machine (the candle) is first removed as they are very vulnerable to damage (They are easily re-installed with 2 screws). The main computer board is removed and bubble wrapped and placed inside the machine to reduce the possibility of shock damage during shipping. All Glass is first covered with 1/4″ plywood for Protection. The entire machine is then Shrink-Wrapped then Bubble-Wrapped. The machine is then strapped to the Pallet. These measures are provided at no additional cost.

Should you want your machine fully protected within a plywood enclosure, please inquire for details and cost.

SlotMachine4You takes reasonable precautions and makes a great effort to protect machines for shipment however, should damage occur during shipping, any claims for damages must be pursued directly with the shipping company. SlotMachine4You, LLC is not responsible for any damages which occur during shipping nor assumes any liability associated with shipping once the machine(s) leave our premises.

Is there a warranty included?

Yes, unless otherwise specified, each machine comes with a 1 year limited warranty.  The only exclusions are: Video Monitors, Glass, and light bulbs. Customer is responsible for returning the machine(s) and/or parts for repair to our facility unless other arrangements are made.

What do you mean by refurbished?

Did you know some suppliers simply reset the programming, blow the interior out with an air Compressor, and put the machine up for sale? Not here at SlotMachine4You. We remove the reels, all of the glass, internal cooling fans, and un-used casino wiring. We then vacuum out all of the dust (you would be surprised what accumulates over the years) and completely wash the inside (door included) with a mild cleaner and replace any broken wire ties. Prior to re-installing the cleaned glass, we buff out the chrome to bring back that like-new shine. Reel strips are then cleaned and reinstalled. Then the mechanical work begins. New batteries are installed on circuit boards if needed and the machine memory is cleared and reset. All working parts such as the bill acceptor are inspected and tested.

What Will it Cost to Ship a Machine?

Shipping costs are determined by a number of factors:  Weight, Distance, Pallet Dimensions, and Destination to name a few.

Shipping Companies typically categorize shipping methods in the following manner:

Business to Business Delivery:  This is typically the most cost effective method of shipping. Both the Pick-up and Drop off location must have access to a loading dock or forklift.  The driver is only responsible to have the pallet accessible at the rear of the truck for you to unload it.

Business to Local Distribution Center:  This is the middle of the road option as far as costs.  The trucking company will deliver your pallet to a Distribution Center closest to your location.  You would be responsible for picking up your pallet at their location.  They may or may not load the pallet into the back of your vehicle (check in advance).  They will not physically unpack or load the machine into your vehicle.

Business to Residential (Curb-Side Delivery):  This is typically the most expensive shipping method.  The shipping company must deliver your pallet on a truck equipped with a lift-gate.  A lift-gate will allow the pallet to be lowered to the ground from the rear of the truck.  The driver’s only responsibility is to unload the pallet from the truck.  Drivers will not typically move the pallet from the street or your driveway into your home or garage although this service may be offered for additional costs.

Why Should I Buy A Slot From SlotMachine4You?

Not only are our Machines typically priced lower than our competitors, but our machines are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and serviced. Chances are our Machines are priced hundreds less than those in a retail store. You also receive personalized Service. Our Goal is Total Satisfaction! Private sellers typically do not offer any Warranty nor Support.