Power Max Lightning Reels

Own the Power of Lightning Reels!

Is it a 3 reel, 4 reel, or 5 reel slot Machine? The answer is YES, All of the above.

Play it like a 3 reel, or, play additional credits to initiate the 4th and 5th reels, which add the potential for additional payouts.

Progressive increases during each play.  Win up to an additional 1000 credits on the 4th reel and multiply your win up to 10 times on the 5th bonus reel.

Back-lite LED Reels and button bulbs.  Animated Touch-screen monitor in the top cabinet.

Nice mahogany colored laminate.  Upon cashing out, a ticket will be printed just like in the casinos.  Add a Ticket In/Ticket out Device for only $75 and the machine will accept tickets it prints.




Price: $895



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